Childhood Memories

… my passion for textiles is in my blood…

“fabrics are more for me than just a piece of Cloth. They incorporate a whole palette of tactile and visual sensations, lightness, warmness, enjoyment of colours and even bringing back good memories of childhood.

The smell of printing inks and the sound of printing machinery when I was or more honestly with the age of 4 or 5 not allowed to walk through huge halls where uncoloured cloth on one side went in and came out with an amazing pattern on its other end – like a spectaculare miracle … ”

My concept stands for using materials with a sustainable approach and against the stream of mass production, emphasing old craftmanship, of my own culture combined with the fascination of cultures still using old methods and my love for hand printed and ancient textiles, colour and simplicity.


My Personal Textile Story

I had to prove myself that I was capable to work with pattern and print fabrics.

Even it was a late decision of stepping into this field and without the expertise of having worked in the textile industry, I opened up my own atelier/studio when I came to Australia.

I gained my skills and knowledge with tertiary studies such as textile & printing courses at the former summer academy in Luzerne/Switzerland; received great support from a few employees of Reichart GmbH at the time and did practice at Frommholzer, a company still in favour with the block printing methods. In Australia I enrolled for one year in drawing & printing making at TAFE and particpated in various textile courses.

A lot of self taught, experimenting, practising and constant research have brought me to the level where I am these days: creating on a small scale hand made & hand printed textiles.

My Personal Life Story


Life is a bit like a woven piece of many different fibres and colours, but not always so predictable. I dreamt all my life of working in the textile design area, but broken strings in the early weaving could not being re-connected for a very long time.

I was born in the south of Germany, in a small picturesque town Lindau at the lake Bodensee into a world of fabrics. I grew up in paradise surrounded and spoiled with textiles everywhere. My father Alfons Cavalieri was director of the textile company Reichart GmbH. My mother came from the fashion design area, she had studied at Vienna.It seemed pretty clear that their children would step into the family’s tradition one day becoming active members in the company.

My father still young died very unexpected. He left behind not only a young mother with two children, also the company had to find a new management. My mother moved with her children to Munich while my grandmother took over the tough task at the time to lead the company and her daughter stepped into the design field.

Suddenly detached from what I loved most and divided between two parties of family members badly fighting over the father’s heritage, I was not able to step into my father’s footsteps.

… but my passion and love for textiles remained my most precious heritage.

My Heroes

Tricia Guild – she is the Goddess of textiles and her sense & genius of colour, her absolute adorable career has already written history in the textile world.

George Sand – a beautiful, courageous and adorable woman in man’s cloth writing poetry and having (revolutionised) made the way for women’s emancipation.

I would like to express my thanks and joy that I have received over time such awarding recognition about my work and that my work has inspired people of doing textile design studies.

I would everyone advise who is thinking of become a textile designer, aim for highest qualification, never stop researching the market and try to get as much as possible professional experience before you start your independent project, label, studio …



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