my ethics

Carbon neutral

Member of Greenpeace

Supporter of Euronature

Young designers all over the world are providing a far more earthy attitude & responsibility towards textiles.

Their practise has given many good examples as so often in history.

Sustainable changes arising from the ground and the unusual ones and not through the ruling big companies.

“A journey of 1000 miles must begin with a single step” (LaoTse)

I am a strong believer that climate change is real and the limits of the world‘s natural resources are our today‘s reality and will be finished one day.

Each individuum can make its own steps at its own pace to become part of the environmental movement in changing some habits and attitudes as I did over more then a decade ago that I changed my lifestyle radically because of the environmental concerns and became a supporter and buyer of organic food, of fair trade merchandise and using sustainable energy, wherever and whenever possible.

Of course my personal attitude became also the basis for my work with textiles.

  • Buy certified organic & fair trade food and fabrics
  • Be aware of the amount of water usage at home and in my business
  • Avoid cars and use your feed, public transport or bicycle
  • Use less electricity in home and studio
  • Use non toxic houshold materials and non toxic printing inks
  • Re-use, re-make and recycle



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